Thursday, April 10, 2003
.. this should be a link to a phote album i just set up.. not sure if it will work or not.. try it and let me know..
today i went thru my ( yarn ) stash and created a huge ball of bits and pieces that i'm going to make a odds & ends afghan w/ has left over bits from a blanket i made for my girlfriend's mom, left over xmas wool from the xmas ornaments i made for all my friends, some eros yarn from a scarf i made for my mom's kinda like making a blanket of memories..if i figure out how to do it, i'll put up some pics as i work on it..maybe the weather will inspire me to work on it quickly as it's still freezing cold here in newfoundland and i can't wait for spring!!!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

today is the 1st day of my blog.. not really sure what i'll put in here but it will most likely be about knitting and other fibre arts w/ other interests as they catch my wish me luck that i don't bore you to death