Saturday, June 23, 2012

So today I had a full day before my day really started. I had to start work @ 10.30am but had a number of things to complete before then. The main thing was that I had to go to the St. John's Farmers' Market pick up my plant order from The Organic Farm. I just purchased some Tomato and Pepper plants. They have some great varieties I also had to go water my spot in the McMorran Community Garden and put my new tender seedlings in the greenhouse.

I also drove my GF to work so that I could have the car to run my errands. I think I was not quite on the ball when I left the house . I was chatting to a friend @ the Market and she asked me if I was trying to start a fashion trend. She told me to look down.

Yup, fashion trend indeed.

Monday, June 18, 2012

It may not look it but things are progressing nicely here in the community garden. Everything that needs to be planted, is planted. Things are sprouting and growing  including the weeds lol. Really the only things left are the Zucs and Pumpkins. Right now they are hanging out in the green house waiting to be planted out. Last year I lost my Zuc's and Pumpkins July 3rd to cold weather. So I'm going to wait another week and plant 2 plants of each outside keeping 2 of each aside in the greenhouse just in case. If the weather holds out and they don't die, then I'll plant out the others.

turnip greens

That's it so far. I do also have some rescued Rhubarb that seems to be struggling along. Someone ripped it out of their garden last year and threw it on the compost pile. So I rescued some plants for my garden. Since they really were ripped out, the roots were damaged. So if this year it just struggles along, that;s ok. I won't pick any of the stalks. I'll let it build itself up.

Sock mastery is coming along as well. I've started on another pair. I have finally gotten the toe up cast on mastered!!! Poor Amy from my knitting group must have shown me about 50x the other day. Turns out I was doing it backwards and that's what was messing me up.