Thursday, May 22, 2003

i just have to vent..for almost 3 yr i've worked @ the same place , a call centre providing cust care for a "major wireless provider" in the u.s.(even though i'm in newfoundland , canada)..but i digress..anyway, today we get this REALLY snotty memo that we can no longer knit, or cross stitch etc..i am so p*ssed!!! it's supposed to be b/c we are supposed to be more ergonomic @ work... i've been knitting there since about the 2nd week... it's my stress relief @ work... now i am doubly stressed ..arrrggh! sry..i just have to vent!...what should it matter what i do when i'm walking people thru getting their voice mail mesages or taking there payments.. they can't see me, i could be sitting there naked and it would not matter one iota..not only that, several of my recent projects(baby blanket, some scarves and a couple of hats have all been for some of my supervisors @ work) .. can't have effected my job performance that much..