Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I can't believe I went over a month without posting. eeep . OK, so what's going on ?

Winter has haphazardly arrived here in NL. We had a snowstorm that caused numerous accidents bc people seem to forget this is NL and every year this thing called winter happens. I even saw an accident where someone rear ended a salt truck. If it hadn't been dangerous, I would have gotten out of the car and took a picture. Almost all the snow is gone again, thank glod for that.

Still knitting away @ Yule presents. I've even been knitting something for someone I don't like and it shows. I just had to rip it back about 10 rows. I know it seems a waste to knit for someone I don't like but this person is the partner of a dear friend. It will make my friend feel good that I included his BF in our holiday celebrations.

I'm still sawing away on my fiddle almost everyday. I still sound like I'm killing a cat some days but it's coming along. I might take some lessons in the new year even.

Here's one of the songs I'm learning from a band called the Show Ponies. I can't say I play this well yet but I do love this song. Enjoy.