Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Glod! Almost 2 weeks without posting. It's been a couple of busy weeks, that's for sure. I still working away @ knitting socks. It's a little slow going but I am working on my 3rd pair this month :) Hoping to have them done by this weekend so I can start a pair with the wool I just got from Knit Picks.

I've also been plugging away @ our community garden plot. Tammy tilled it last Wednesday. It's the 1st time either one of us used a tiller. It was a little scary I have to say. Every now and then it would sorta take off on you. Hilarious. We started setting up the rows. This was the 1st one. More has been done but I haven't taken a pic yet.There's garlic and rhubarb down there on the left hand side far corner and on the right is our water barrel and our potato condo. Both empty for now. We'll be planting potatoes and filling up the barrel this weekend .