Wednesday, April 23, 2003

i tried to set up an album on yahoo and discovered after spending a couple of hours that only other yahoo people could view on the advice of one of the other members on the glbt knit group i set up this one on web shots.. i'm still working on my big blanket made out of all my scraps but am taking a small break and am now working on my bead loom and making some collars for my cats made w/ elastic warp so that if it gets caught on anything it will stretch..i'll post some pics when it is done .. today just 3 days since my last post and now there are a hundred crocus blooming not just one ..wahoo spring is here-it's so exciting..

Sunday, April 20, 2003

today is the 1st day that i feel like spring is finally here in newfoundland.. the 1st crocus has bloomed and the sun is out in full force.. still chilly here though..just came back from a family dinner and i'm always amazed that they were all asking why my g/f was not there( she had to work).. i don't remember my family being that tolerant of queers when i was growing up but they do make sure that they always ask about her and include her in every invitation to family events, weddings, holidays, christenings .. it's so cool of them