Saturday, May 03, 2003

today i am sooo tired! the weather is so and rainy ..i'm still working on my cardi..i have about 3/4 of a sleeve and the button band to do and then yeah-i'll be done..i get the feeling though that my g/f is going to nick it .. she seems to be very interested in when it will be finished..i guess that i'll have to make myself another sweater but who knows how long that will take..i can crank out a million dishclothes, scarves, mitts etc but i get so intimitated by THE SWEATER..i think my next sweater will be a top down but right now when i finish the cardi i'll be working on finishing my(now named) remembrance afghan, a baby blankie for a co-worker and following EZ's advice and working on mittens in spring/summer so when winter rolls around, i'll be ready..

Monday, April 28, 2003

this is a link to the queer knitters web ring.. lots of cool stuff..enter @ own risk, lol

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i wanted to add a link or two to some of my favourite knitting sites.. this one, is one of my favs.. i like the fact that they have practical and fun designs.. i also like the girl from auntie for it's whimsey and its patterns..i'm still working away on my multi yarn blanket..i've got about a foot of it done so far b/c i schlep it back and forth to work..i'm glad that i work somewhere where i can do my fact there's alot of people doing crafts @work..knitting, crochet and cross stitch mainly.. i work in a large call centre and every now and then you here that distintive twang of some dropping their needle..i'm also determined to finish my raglan cardighan that i knit 3/4 of last year and haven't touched since..i just have 1 & 1/2 of the sleeves and the button band to finish..i'm hoping to finish it by this weekend as the weather here is finally getting a little nicer and i would like to have it to wear to work...

Girl from Auntie