Friday, March 23, 2012

So, tomorrow is the opening exhibit for Operation Homespun:The Next Generation.

 Operation Homespun was a book that was complied in the 70's. It was complied because the authors of the book were afraid that with modern times, no one would want to knit with wool. Or even know how to. That these traditional patterns and charts would be lost to time. Miss Anna Templeton was a great advocate of keeping Newfoundland traditions alive, especially our crafting heritage. She was instrumental in the production of this book.

 The book was re-released  2 years ago. Never was I more excited about the release of a knitting book. I remember going to the NL book section @ the MUN Library and painstakingly photocopying every single page. Now, I do not advocate photocopying books/patterns. I will only copy a pattern to use as a carrying copy so I don't have to lug a book around. This book was not available anywhere. No one I knew had a copy. I searched high and low, could not find it. I had my name down @ all the used bookstores that if a copy ever came in it was mine. So of course the minute it became available again, I had to have a copy. I hope this book never goes out of print again.

Here's a pic of a pair of trigger mitts in progress that I made for my friend James with the (at the time) newly released Operation Homespun Book.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today I was reading a blog I frequent, I'm Mad and I Eat and saw that her tag line is "Santorum doesn't know he's the Antichrist". I nearly spit my latte over the screen. It's true that I am in Canada so American politics doesn't usually impact me directly. Some aspects of foreign policy may filter down to my day to day level but in general it doesn't. BUT. I can't help but worry about Rick Santorum. He scares me. It's not even his extreme right wing aka social conservative politics. It's just he really seems oblivious to it all. He REALLY doesn't know he's the Antichrist.