Friday, December 14, 2012

I swear that today is the coldest I've felt all year. You know when you get a chill and it's right down in your bones? That's how I feel. I'm actually too cold to even knit that much. I think going to the garden and digging up the last of the carrots may have induced this chill. I'm glad we went and got them though. I have a pork roast I'm planning on cooking up this weekend and those carrots will go quite well with it I think.

Still knitting away of Yule presents(when my hands aren't have numb from the cold,lol) but only have 2 left to finish. One is for my Mom and one for my GF. I knit my Mom's when GF and I are watching TV etc. and if my Mom comes to visit and GF is @ work, I knit on GF's pressie. So it's slow going anyways bc I'm always having to hide the projects.