Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ok, the week of haiku was kinda a fail. I made up many haikus while falling asleep but had forgotten them by the morning. I am going to try to do a haiku bomb tomorrow to make up for it all. Well in fact it won't be tomorrow bc it is after midnight but you know what I mean. :)

Alrighty, it's the morning. Haiku Bomb it is.

winds howling outside
warm woolen comfort inside
want warmth outside too

waters a running
trickling dripping down the rock
spring is in full swing

needles click-clacking
making warmth from woolen fleece
adding love to work

crows caw neath window
murders outside looking black
shining feathers gleem

On the Knitting front, I've been wrapping up all kinds of projects. Working in ends,darning,fixing . I'm planning on making some socks. Several pairs I hope. Wanted to get all the little things out of the way 1st. I also knit some booties and a hat for a friend who just had a baby. They're verra cute. I'll post a pic after I have given them to her.