Saturday, May 17, 2003

i'm still plugging away on my afghan but just scored a bunch of merino blend yarn from wal-mart that was on sale..i've been looking at a pattern in the EZ's knitter's almanac ... the yarn is bulky and that pattern calls for bulky wool..i also just cashed in my president's choice points and got $60 @ chapter's bookstore and ordered knitting w/out tears and the sweater workshop ( i actually ordered off their web site as on line both books were on sale but if i ordered them to from the store, they don't honour the on-line sale price!!!)so i'm holding off on starting until i check out the patterns in both of those books .. also i have to make some more of those(in the round) baby blankie's as a couple more of my co-workers are pregnant and i think they make good baby prezzies..